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Our Philosophy

We believe in Sustainable Development on renewable energy, efficient energy, and low-carbon development in cities and transportation. We believe in Sustainable business models which could be highly rentable but having also social and environmental surpluses related to the business.

We support the renewable energies revolution.

The renewable energy market is booming worldwide and is predicted to surpass fossil fuel use, thanks to such factors as falling prices and the Paris Climate Agreement. It is seen by many as a route to mitigating climate change, a problem brought on in part, by the widespread use of fossil fuels such as coal.

The renewable energies are Solar, Wind energy, Geothermal energy, Biomass to create heat or to drive a turbine to generate electricity and Hydropower. As of 2015 worldwide investment on renewable’s stands at CHF256 Billion. In 2015, twice as much money was spent on renewables compared to coal and gas-fired power generation. 161 gigawatts of power have been installed as of 2016, solar energy accounted for 47% of this.

In 2017, worldwide, renewable power capacity had a 31% share of total power capacity, edging out coal. In terms of total power output, renewable energy is predicted to make 28% of global electricity output by 2021.

We support electric mobility.

Support to companies and enterprises, in Switzerland or abroad in introducing electric mobility. Electric mobility can contribute significantly to the reduction of transport’s environmental effects. Currently, the transport sector is almost completely dependent on fossil fuels. It contributes approximately one-quarter of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, which is set to go to one-third, growing faster than any other sector. Leading by example, some countries have put in place policies to support the use of electric vehicles. For example, through a comprehensive set of fiscal and non-fiscal measures, one out of four cars sold in Norway today is electric, while in China a national 2&3 wheelers strategy that started ten years ago has now resulted in electric two and three wheelers having all but replaced petrol motorbikes in its major cities – with 230 million electric bikes in use to date.

We support biofuels.

At present, it is unclear if first-generation biofuels will continue for a long time to represent the major share of the supply, even in the presence of certifications that they meet the required environmental and biodiversity criteria, or if they will be supplanted as soon as possible by second or third-generation biofuels (algae).

We support the Research & Development.

We support the Research & Development of the fields of renewable energies, electric mobility, biofuels, biofortified agriculture and sustainable circular economy.

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